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Maryam Ehsani

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm Maryam Ehsani, engineer in biotechnology, specialised in fermentation technology and microbiology (PhD) related to fermented beverages and winemaker (fermenting more than just grapes) … Some might say I am addicted to microbes, others to alcohol. I’d say I am facinated by microbes and passionate about food technology, and one food product I am most passionate about is wine. Some would say wine is not food – well, it can be debated.  

Historians say that the first traces of fermented beverages goes back to 7000 – 5000 BC.  Mine, those related to fermented beverages, go about 20 years back when I moved from Norway to France to start my studies. My interest for wine started right there. At that time I had no idea I was going to stay in France for so many years and end up in Bordeaux to continue discovering the secrets and fantastic complexity of winemaking.

During the last ten years I have been travelling all over the different continents, all the way from New Zealand to Norway, from Georgia to Poland, from the United Stated to South Africa, … meeting winemakers, exchanging experiences around wine- and cidermaking, fermenting and distilling fruitwines in Switzerland, making wine in France and South America, fermenting and distilling fruit wines in Switzerland, focusing on product and business development projects and technical consultancy at international level … and so much more.

Through Glad Vin, I'd love to share my expertise and experience with you. So why don’t you just get in contact with Glad Vin to experience the science, the culture and the tastes behind it all?

  • PhD in wine microbiology

- SupAgro Montpellier / National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) | MontpellierFrance

  • Engineering degree in Biotechnology

- National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse / INSA  | Toulouse, France

  • Marketing Training

- Bordeaux School of Management (KEDGE) | Bordeaux, France

  • Financial Business Management Training

-  Bordeaux School of Management (KEDGE) | Bordeaux, France

  • Winetasting Trainings

  • Distillation Training

- CHANGINS Wine School - National center of excellence for training in viticulture, enology and arboriculture Nyon, Suisse

  • Coffee Training

- Green coffee, brewing, sensorial analysis and barista skills / Maxicoffee | Mios, France

- Coffee roasting / Coffeemind | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Technical Consultant

  • Marketing and Business Development Consultant

  • Export Area Manager Business Development Northern and Central Europe 

  • Worldwide Product Manager Fermentation Products

  • Design and Research Engineer / Industrial PhD 

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